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Here is an outline of your journey:


During the first month in your business, we are going to identify your why and discuss the reality of becoming a Virtual Assistant. 

Here's what you can look forward to: 

  • Identifying a 12-month plan for your business to create realistic tasks and goals to support your success

  • Discovering the different layers of virtual assistants and how they can be beneficial to your business -- for example, we will discuss the different types of assisting you can do: content management, social media management, general administration and so much more!

  • We will create affirmations for your business! YES, we are bringing in affirmations. Having a business is hard, it is not always easy but when you stick to the course it can be SO SO beneficial. You have to continue to remember your mental health in entrepreneurship and this will help you do that.

  • Mapping out your ideal client (because it does matter) and discovering how you can be a support to them

  • Discovering your tasks list! This is what makes you valuable to your potential and future clients! What will you do for them? What do you need to learn to do this successfully? 

    • We will also dive into how to manage a calendar, how to manage & compose an email... the basics of a beginner virtual assistant!

  • We will dig deep and truly identify why- yes, extra income is amazing, but what can that do for you and your lifestyle? Making extra income is always a goal but to stay the course you have to dig deeper and I will assist you in doing that

  • Identifying your branding - this is so important and let me tell you why... your business name matters, explaining your business name matters, your logo design matters, and even the colors you choose for your business matter. All of these elements psychologically dictate if someone will go forward with you or not and we will discover how to market it to the public

Believe it or not, I went through at least two different business names before becoming The Virtual Boss


Strap yourself in, the journey is just beginning! 

Untitled design-34.png

Welcome to your the Boss Up Coaching Program! My name is Shunnie Lynn and I am your coach for the next six months! When I was 20 years old, I started my Virtual Assistant business with just FIVE tasks and an idea of independence from the 9-5 world... that quickly turned into the Virtual Boss a full administrative and design boutique servicing over 50 clients in six years!


I created this coaching program to assist those with launching organized and successful virtual assistance businesses because when I started this journey, figuring it out on my own was not easy. 

During our time together you will have direct access to all my contracts, workflows, business practices, and expertise to launch a successful business and sign your first client! 

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