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like to say thank you for working with RRM and for assisting the team this far. As you know there were unforeseen circumstances that I couldn’t avoid and I am glad you were available to assist. I did not have a proper contingency plan but it gave me time to truly understand that I need to utilize my team and resources.

With that being said, I have not delegated properly and I need to now more than ever. I trust that we can build, however, I have a few reservations because there are currently outstanding things. Before getting into this, I do appreciate you so I want to be sure we hit the ground running to find a weekly routine that works best for us.

You've attended meetings, difficult calls, managed zoom, opened zoom calls last minute, supported scheduling, etc. (Thank you again!)

At this time, it's critical for me to have a right hand who can be proactive and hold me accountable with project deadlines and to stand in if I or Isadora are unable to do so or just to be well-versed in each project to be able to update. I pray my health doesn’t interfere as it did but in the worst/best-case scenario, we would have created a built-in contingency plan that doesn’t hurt the business, the client relationship, or even you all as a team ( I don't like when you all are disrespected - grinds my gears!)

With that being said, I'm taking heat from clients, healing, building, restructuring the business, and facing the fact that Toya is the highest paying client and is checked out. Although I was excited to start her and I’s working relationship, I understand the agreement may potentially dissolve.

This isn't something I take lightly but bills have to be paid! Amen!! I need to know that you have the bandwidth and time to help me drive the business forward. I can't go but put all of my eggs in one basket with her based on the conversation she and I had today, we have to continue it tomorrow.

I sat down to truly think about what I need and it's to meet deadlines! We lost respect because deadlines weren't met! I take full accountability, I dropped the ball and need to pick up the momentum and finish strong with the clients. I want to send deliverables like hotcakes to make good on our word and to get back in the image of delivering excellence and potentially their good graces! This means we have work to do! I'm expressing this because I don't know what your workload is like and how many clients you've onboarded but transparency and my expectations are what I want to be clear about so that if you see fit we can move forward.


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Shunnie Lynn 


Welcome to the Virtual Boss Blog! This is my area to give insight on not only business but also lifestyle and motherhood. I am a young business owner and mother looking to make a change 🤎

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